Achim Schmitz
IT Partner
Skills and Services

Achim Schmitz

Software Development

More than mere programming, I offer a wide range of services. From system requirements through to integration testing, I can help in all phases of project development. I have experience in the following broad areas.

  • Mainframe: MVS & OS/390,
  • TSO, ISPF, VSAM, JCL, Xpediter, SPUFI
  • PC: Windows 2000® Prof., XP® & Linux
  • Cobol, Java, Perl, C, SQL & Rexx
  • Small to medium sized networks using Linux
  • Relational databases: MSSQL Server®, DB2® & Model 204®
  • XML, XSD, & XPath.
Further details about my skills and qualifications can be found in my CV.


Training courses can be devised to meet specific customer requirements. In consultation with clients, I can provide training in the following areas:

  • XML and related technologies.
  • Cobol programming for modern environments.
  • Project planning and project leadership.

In addition I also hope to be able to offer set courses at regular intervals. Details of training courses that I will be offering can be found here.

German/English Translation

A poor translation takes ones attention away from a document's content and makes a bad impression. It can be quite amusing to read but it's embarassing for the translator and certainly isn't funny for someone who needs the information content.

An accurate translation can make an enormous difference to a website, handbook or commercial tender. Translating such documents is a specialty of mine. The cost is based on the German standard (i.e. calculated per line1 translated). The rate varies depending on the size of the document. For further details just send an e-mail with »translation cost« in the title to info@achim-schmitz.com.

1 One line is typically determined to be 55 characters (incl. punctuation).

»Asking if computers can think is like asking if submarines can swim.« —  anonymous